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AnDi™ is the ideal tool to create complex interactive experiences, multiple-displays HMIs, IoT, robotics, multisensorial experiences (visual, audio, olfactory etc), 5G, phydgital, etc.

AnDi™ is the bridge between Analog and Digital. Now and even more in the future, services offer experiences on multiple touchpoints, screen-based interfaces, smart objects, interactive spaces. AnDi™ empowers you to work on a unified design, in a simple, time and cost-efficient way.


AnDi™ solution contains a creative software and electronic kit with sensors and actuators. The software allows you to import your visual and multimedia creations, configure all the interactions inside one screen or between several displays (with no limit of number, size or shape). You can also make you creations react to the kit’s sensors, or interact with the kit’s electronic components (e.g. a motor).

You can publish your interactive scenarios as apps on your devices (tablets, smartphones, etc). The kit contains a WiFi router. The devices and electronic components communicate with each other through a local network that does not require external internet access. So you can build a self contained transportable prototype to show and test your interactive ideas.

Mastering AnDi™ is fast and easy: no need to code or know about electronics to use AnDi™.

We put AnDi™ at your service in different ways depending on your needs. Some clients use AnDi™for workshops to turn ideas live in real time. We build AnDi™-powered prototypes for other clients. Some also buy the license to empower their teams and build their own demos and showrooms (CES Las Vegas etc).


This demo shows some of the analog and digital possibilities of AnDi™ solution.




« Before, we had to choose one idea at a very early stage, so inevitably the one that looked the most sensible, because it was too expensive and too long to make several prototypes. (...) »


AnDi™ versus Arduino : AnDi™ is to Arduino what Arduino was to C++, a simplified layer for everyone. To use AnDi™, you don’t need any code or electronics skills. Unlike Arduino, AnDi™ enables interactions between multiple displays (no limit of number, size or resolution). The electronic kit is based on Arduino.

AnDi™ versus InVision / Adobe XD / UX design tools : AnDi™ enables to prototype experience on multiple displays (no limit of number, size or resolution) and connect them to physical components (electronic boards, sensors, motors etc). You are free to create what you want, where and how. With AnDi™ you can experiment without being constrained by templates.

AnDi™ versus an IT services prototype : prototypes made by IT services companies enable to test industrialisation and go-to-market (MVP) but are inadequate for the creative phase because they are too expensive and their development time is too long for an iterative process.
AnDi™ is the new tool dedicated to creativity phases. AnDi™ enables you to make many prototypes at low cost and super fast. You can now prototype at the very early stage of your project to get inspiration and feedback, fuel your thinking, boost your creativity and test your ideas.



AnDi™ builds on 20 years of experience. More than just a product, it is a new method forged by the experience of Nicolas Gaudron and Virginia Cruz into the design and development of new forms of interaction between people and machines (HCI, HMI).

Traditional design tools do not enable to prototype, experiment these types of designs. They put you in a situation as if you need to compose music but don’t know how to play any instrument and have to ask someone else to play what you write. We needed to find a way to easily « shape » and play with this digital « matter », experiment ourselves to explore its applications and potentials. We have iterated project by project to create a tool that is easy to use to empower anyone to create digital experiences and services.

IDSL has applied this method to all of its clients’ projects: to rethink the customer relationship program for Thalys (transport) and Credit Agricole (banking), create a home heating holistic experience for Engie (energy), explore new uses, business models, vehicule architectures of future autonomous vehicles for Renault Nissan alliance, etc.

This tool, combined with traditional innovation techniques, enables to « crack » any subject.

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